Best Hiking Trails in San Carlos, CA

San Carlos is home to some of the best hiking trails in the area and beyond, whether it’s the lush forests, rolling hills, or breathtaking ocean views. Learn information about San Carlos, CA.

Mission Peak Regional Preserve

Along the way, hikers can take in the stunning beauty of wildflower meadows, open grasslands, chaparral hillsides, and woodland oak groves. After reaching the peak, hikers can enjoy a panoramic view of the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Discover facts about Exploring all the hidden gems in San Carlos, CA.

Best hiking trails in San Carlos California - Rossi Painting and Construction

Foscoe Creek Trail

Foscoe Creek Trail is an Eight-mile trail with plenty of rewards. As one of the longest trails in the park and with a viewpoint overlook, this trail fits hikers of all levels and encourages virtual exploration. While on their hike, guests of the park can take in sights such as ferns and redwoods, as well as meadows full of summer wildflowers, like lupine and California poppies.

Huddart Park

These winding hills of trails take hikers through a wide variety of landscapes, including picturesque redwood groves, towering pines, open meadows, and creeks. The trails also offer stunning views of the San Francisco Bay Area, so visitors should plan to take in the views at the overlook points along the way.

Pulgas Ridge Preserve

Along the way, hikers will experience hillsides full of wildflowers, chaparral, grasslands, and oak stands, while also catching clear views of the San Francisco skyline and the sparkling waters of the nearby Pacific Ocean.

San Carlos, California, is a unique and vibrant city that provides plenty of hiking opportunities for people of all levels.