Giving Your Home a Brand New Paint Job

Painting your home can be a fun, do-it-yourself project for the whole family. However, ensuring that the paint job is protected, and making sure its quality are crucial elements to ensure it lasts.

Why Paint The House Now?

Answer this before you begin the project. Common answers for most homeowners are: change of scenery, a new style, significant peeling or chipping, and full home remodels. In each of these cases, you should approach the paint job in a similar manner. Practice patience with your cleaning process, keep your budget in mind, and consider the time commitment necessary if you are going to complete the project yourself. Then, you will have a strong outline and expectations for the completion of your home’s new paint job.

House Painting Projects For Families

If you are looking to cut costs on the overall investment of a new paint job for your home, you can complete it with family. This will likely take a bit longer to complete, but you’ll be able to complete this still within a week or two. However, depending on the time commitment, you’ll need to adjust your completion time expectations. This is a great space where having professionals come in is the recommended option.

Sure, you can contribute to a fun family project and bond, but this is not a project you want to take lightly. Your home’s paint job requires precision and detail. If you are unable to be precise, or miss steps in the process, you’ll quickly learn how expensive those mistakes can be.

Additionally, you’ll likely end up having to hire a professional anyway. A far better project idea to enjoy time with the family and bond is interior painting. Perhaps painting one of your children’s bedrooms, or a new extension to the home.

Home Painting and Keeping Your Surfaces Clean

Deep cleaning prior to the surface being painted is recommended for home painting. You don’t want to paint over muck and dirt buildup, since this can easily create mold and surface damage down the road. With a poorly painted and cleaned surface, you can expect to extend costs on your end exponentially.


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