Hiller Aviation Museum in San Carlos, California

Located in San Carlos, California, the Hiller Aviation Museum is a vibrant and respected center for aviation history, education, and research. As one of the largest aviation museums in California, the museum boasts a world-class collection of over 50 aircraft and a variety of static displays and interactive exhibits that explore the history of aviation from the early days of flight through today. Information can be found here.

The museum was founded by Stanley Hiller Jr., an aviation pioneer and entrepreneur who was the youngest person to ever pilot an airplane across the United States, at just 18 years old. Hiller was only 21 when, in 1941, he founded the Hiller Aircraft Company, an aviation research and development company that designed, tested, and manufactured a variety of aircraft, including the Hiller Helicopter, the first successful helicopter equipped with two rotors. Hiller was a philanthropist as well as an entrepreneur and in 1998, he donated his extensive collection of historic aircraft to the museum, paving the way for the museum as we know it today. Visitors to the Hiller Aviation Museum experience a hands-on journey into the world of aviation. The museum houses a range of permanent and temporary exhibitions, from workshops, lectures, and seminars to lectures, demonstrations, and tours. Visitors can explore the history of flight through the museum’s collection of vintage aircraft, from early biplanes to Korean War jets. The museum also features a number of interactive exhibits, such as flight simulators and 3D augmented reality experiences. See here for information about The Attraction of LaserMaxx San Carlos in San Carlos, California.