Increasing Your Property’s Curb Value

Want to bring up your property curb value significantly? We’ve got you covered. Here are some quality tips to increase curb value while staying budget-friendly.


Which Factors Determine Curb Value?


Simply put, there aren’t many factors that will sell a property forstand out, or make it standout on the block. However, that is only the case if the property is held to a high standard. It’s much easier for a property to standout for the wrong reasons rather than strong ones. You won’t often notice a home’s window frame quality, the finish on doorknobs, or other minor qualities. Unless, there’s a clear issue with these minor details.


If these details work against your property rather than for it, you will need to do more to increase curb value.


Ways to Easily Increase Curb Value


Landscape Effectively

Your home makes a first impression on everyone that visits it. First, before they see anything else, your guests walk up a path or into a garden to enter your home. If this area is poorly kept and has poor plant health, it’s going to be distracting. This immediately diminishes the rest of the value of the home. It reflects poorly on the care and habits of the owners. Avoid your landscape hurting your curb value by regularly taking care of your plants and garden.


Apply Maintenance to Exterior Surfaces


Including your windows, doors, and home finishes, you need to apply strong maintenance practices continuously. Otherwise, you’ll quickly see your property’s visual vibrance diminish. In the case you don’t have the time to stay on top of these surfaces, it’s best to have the property regularly inspected by professionals for any moisture build-up, mold, and other damages. In any case, they’ll be able to catch those issues early on and mend them promptly.


Beautiful Exterior Painting


Remember that first impression we were talking about? That all starts with your paint job. Having a strong paint job keeps your home looking beautiful, quality, and valuable. With vibrant colors and a finish that lasts, you’re going to see that curb value skyrocket. This applies to both guests and potential buyers if you’re looking to part with the home.


Get Started on a New Home Paint Job Today!


Our interior and exterior paint finishes are perfect to help that curb value you’ve been looking to increase. Get in contact with us today and we’ll get started on planning your next big project! We’re looking forward to speaking with you!

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