What are the Benefits of Lawn Painting?

Lawn painting is a great route to bring your lawn back to life through the drier parts of the year. However, there are a ton of other benefits that are overlooked when homeowners are seeking out lawn painting. Here are some tips on why painting your lawn is the next great solution for your home.


Does Lawn Paint Kill Grass?


No! In fact, the ingredients for this type of paint is far different than what you’d find on a shelf for painting your home. Fortunately, all of the ingredients in lawn paint are biodegradable. This limits the carbon footprint of your lawn and also keeps it looking greener than ever.


How Long Does It Last?


You can expect paint solutions to last a few months in your yard. This is particularly great to apply through the fall seasons, as the ground gets far drier. You may want to prepare it for winter as well, since you can go straight through two seasons with only two applications of paint.


Do I Still Need to Tend to the Grass?


You should still have your sprinklers on and keep your lawn as healthy as you can. Luckily, the paint applied is completely resistant to water and will keep through all kinds of inclement weather. This allows you to keep watering your yard and tending to it as usual, while it also looks its best in the meantime.



Other Benefits




Lawn painting is far less expensive than general landscaping and yard care. You cut down on the watering costs for your garden and lawn, while also keeping it looking naturally healthier than ever.


Increase Curb Value


You know the yard that stands out on your block today. With lawn painting, you can be that standout. Don’t let your home fall to being a second-tier property simply because of a lack of landscape value. Even if you aren’t looking to sell the home, increasing that curb value can be a major difference maker for guests and residents alike.


Quick Application


Additionally, the application is painless and quick. This allows your home to look its best overnight, rather than waiting months for your grass to grow to the ideal color and height.


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